What is Titan Submersible?Do you khow about Titan Submersible?

What is Titan Submersible?

A submersible is an underwater craft which needs to be transported and supported by a surface vessel or platform. This distinguishes submersibles from submarines, which are self supporting and capable of independent operations.

The submersible, the Titan, had five passengers on board — its maximum capacity and it was a tight squeeze. Promotional materials showed an interior with no seats, only a flat floor passengers could sit on, and a single view port 21 inches in diameter. Length: 22 ft. Height: 9 Oceangate,the owner of the Titan Submersible . Titan has cost about $1.2 million to date, according to a defense budget expert’s preliminary estimate and research conducted by The Washington Post

Titan Submersible implosion

The Titan submersible suffered a catastrophic implosion that likely killed its pilot and four passengers instantly amid the intense water pressure in the deep North Atlantic, sources said

Maritime researchers called an implosion the worst possible outcome of all the scenarios envisioned during the desperate round-the-clock search to find the missing vessel.


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