The Neem tree

The Neem tree|| Importance of Neem

In addition to shade, the Neem tree provide various other benefits .Below are a few lines on Neem tree showcasing its benefits and properties .The Neem tree will help you gain knowledge about the tree. and one can understand its advantgeaand its usege from ancient days .Neem tree is a kind of evergreen with a rapid growth rate and is very valuable due to its medicinal properties . Let’s read the following

  • Neem tree is a kind of evergreen that grows all over the globe .
  •  Although  it is indigenous to Hindi  and other arid region  in south Asia ,the neem tree has now spread over most of the globe .
  • Its scientific name is Azadirachta indica .
  • The fruits of this tree are yellow or greenish-yellow, and each contains a solitary seed .
  • In India ,this produces blooms between January and April  and ripe fruits between May and August .
  •  This trees often grow to a height of between 15 and 20 meters throughout their lifetime .
  • Its leaves are used in the production  of toothpaste as well as mouthwashes.
  •  This can handle  various climatic conditions ,although it cannot live in locations with very low temperatures .
  • It has medicinal  properties too and has a great deal of potential as a pharmaceutical .
  • Shampoos that include neem are effective  removing dandruff from the hair .
  • Neem tree

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