Most Valuable Celebrities in India

Most Expensive Celebrities in India||Top 5 most valuable celebrity  in India||Top most famous celebrity in India

Dear friends Today we are going to discuss about Most Valuable Celebrities in India.There are a lot of celebrities found in in India but we will share only top most famous celebrity or Most Valuable Celebrities in India

Most valuable celebrities

Ranveer Singh ended kohli’s five-year dominance at the top this time with a brand worth of $176.9 million.Virat Kohli took 2nd place, while Akshay Kumar remained in 3rd place with a brand value of $153.6 million.

In the list 10th place is Bollywood’s King, Shah Rukh Khan(SRK). In addition to them, the top Ten celebrities on this list also include MS Dhoni, Hrithik Roshan, Sachin Tendulkar and Amitabh Bachchan.

Indian top 20 most valuable celebrities with their brand value(USD)

1. Ranveer Singh 181.7

2. Virat Kohli 176.9

3. Akshay Kumar 153.6

4. Alia Bhatt 102.9

5. Deepika Padukone 82.9

6. MS Dhoni 80.3

7. Amitabh Bachchan 79.0

8 .Sachin Tendulkar 73.6

9 .Hrithik Roshan 71.6

10 .Shah Rukh Khan 55.7

11 .Salman Khan 54.5

12 .Ranbir Kapoor 54.5

13. Rohit Sharma 49.5

13. Ayushmann Khurrana 49.5

15. Anushka Sharma 41.7

16. Kiara Advani 38.3

17 .Kareena Kapoor 36.5

17 .Kartik Aaryan 36.5

19 .Hardik Pandya 34.8

20 .Allu Arjun 31.4


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