Most incredibly expensive things found in Dubai

Most expensive things found only Dubai

Over the past few years, the city of Dubai has evolved into one of the world’s most architecturally and technologically advanced cities. Today we will introduce most incredibly expensive things found in Dubai.Those who live in Dubai have a taste for the more luxurious things that life has to offer.

Dubai attracts celebrity vacationers like Robert De Niro, the Kardashians, and pretty much every Instagram influencer out there. The ultramodern architecture contrasts nicely with all of the natural flora and fauna in the emirate.You may enjoy the following most incredibly expensive things found in Dubai.

1.Water Card:

Estimated Value:$130,000*

Organized by:Watercar

Most incredibly expensive things

Water car is American based Company,it is popular in Dubai.WaterCar specializes in manufacturing and developing luxury amphibious cars. The company was founded in 1999 by Dave March, who was so inspired by the 1960s’ Amphicar that he developed WaterCar.

The first commercial water car was available to the public in 2013 when WaterCar released the Panther.Although Dubai’s Crown Prince, Sheik Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al-Maktoum, does own six of these amphibious water vehicles, himself.

2.Undersea Hotels

Est. Value: $6,295 per night*

Produced by: Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

Most incredibly expensive things

Undersea Hotel is Known mostly for its tall buildings and man-made islands.,Dubai also has several hotels that allow for their guests to stay in undersea hotel rooms. Most commonly located in the Ambassador Lagoon, the suite’s guests are treated to magnificent undersea views for a hefty price.

“Neptune” and “Poseidon”, are the two aptly named underwater suites located in Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai.

3.. Robotic Camel Racers

Est. Value: $500/Robot Jockey

Produced by: Various Local Shops

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Camel racing in the UAE had a plethora of human rights issues including the use of small children as jockeys for the aforementioned races. The Emirates answer was to ban the use of all human jockeys in 2004 and replace them with robots.

4. Helicopter Taxis For Cars(click here)

5. Hydroflying Boots

Incredibly expensive things

This is another most popular thing in Dubai.Flyboarding is the new trend amongst those who have an extra few thousand dollars to spent on a new toy. Using a long hose that connects to the device and directs water pressure through jet nozzles that are fitted under the boots, they allow for the user to seemingly fly over the water.

6.Lamborghini cruiser Police Car

Most incredibly expensive things found in Dubai

Dubai already has the world’s tallest building, the world’s largest shopping mall, Robotics camel Safari, Helicopter taxis and the largest man-made archipelago. So it is no surprise that the country’s police would drive one of the world’s most improvident and expensive cars.Actually It is nothing for them.

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