ISRO the Indian Space research Organisation

ISRO: Indian Space research Organisation|| History of ISRO

Today we will discuss one of the greatest world’s Space research Organisation named ISRO Indian Space research Organisation.


ISRO was established on 15 Aug 1959 by Dr Vikram Sarabhai. But let us tell you that the space program in India was started on 21 Nov 1963. The event occurred near Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala, where a rocket was launched. The whole world believes in the success of ISRO in space.

History Of ISRO:

Space research activities in India started in the 1960s. At that time, the Tokyo Olympics were broadcasting live by American satellites in the Pacific Ocean areas where the satellite’s potential was seen. Then Indian Doctor Vikram Sarabhai had recognized this space technology. Dr.Vikram Sarabhai was the father of India’s space program. Then he formed a team as the Director of Physical Research Laboratory at Ahmedabad. In that team, he includes the great scientists of the country. The Indian National Committee for Space Research was started under the leadership of Doctor Vikram Sarabhai and Doctor Ramanathan. After a few name was changed. Now it is known as the Indian Space Research Organisation or ISRO.

On19 April 1975 was a historic day for ISRO and the whole of India. On this day, India also took the first step in space with Aryabhata. Aryabhatta was the 1st satellite of our country, which was built with the help of Russia. This spacecraft was named after the Great Mathematician Of India, Aryabhatta.

It was India’s first experimental satellite. After this achievement, ISRO never looked back. Then, ISRO launched the first SSV on 18 July 1980. After launching it , ISRO created history all over the world.

Indian Space research Organisation (ISRO)made a great move from SLV to ASLV on 20 May 1992. It was a great success on the part of ISRO. On 22 Oct 2008, ISRO sent the unmanned Chandrayaan 1 into space, where surprised the whole world. This spacecraft consisted of 11 scientific instruments manufactured in India, Germany, Sweden, America, Britain, and also Bulgaria. The success of this mission had filled the confidence of Indian’s scientists.

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