Benefits of Online Education in India

Benefits of Online Education in India ||Advantages of Digital Education

Online education is a Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) or e-Learning.It has become increasingly important after the Covid-19 pandemic.In this article we will discusses the benefits, Advantages,government initiatives and the way forward for online education in India.

Benefits of Online Education in India

Flexibility: A professional worker can take online courses after office hours at their own pace. For an example, Someone continuing an MBA can watch recorded lectures during the weekend.

Huge Range of Course: A high school student from village can access online resources to learn coding or a foreign language,which may not be offered in their local school.They will do easily without pressure.

Cost-effectiveness: Currently,Online certificate courses or vocational training programs are often more affordable than physical classes. For an example, a graphic design course online can cost less than attending a existing design school

Suitable Learning Environment: Learner with handicap or Disability can customize their learning place to accommodate their needs. For  instance, a student with Autism may find it uncomplicated to focus in a quiet home environment.

Time management skills:When students move into the working world, Time management Will become crucial. A clear advantage is that this skill is develop in students while taking online classes.They must build a study schedule while managing attendance and other responsibilities or task.

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