A Short Speech on Republic day

A Short Speech on Republic day ||Speech on Republic in School

Dear friends,I am sharing some best speeches to impress everyone in your school or function on Republic day.You can select any of them and give a short speech on Republic day at the stage.

1.Short Speech- 

Respected Principal/Head Teacher, teachers, dear students and esteemed guests,

As we approach another Republic Day, let’s think about the things that carry/bring us together as a country. This day is all about celebrating democracy, unity, and freedom, thanks to our Constitution. Today should make us remember our duties as citizens and motivate us to help make India stronger and more peaceful.

Short speech 2-

Respected Principal/Head Master,teachers, and dear friends,

Wishing you all a proud and joyful Republic Day! Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauties of our democracy, where every voice matters. As students, let’s use our education to contribute positively to society, making our country stronger and more vibrant.

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