What is reuse content?How can we remove it?

What is Reuse content? hein||How can we remove it||रीयूज कंटेंट क्या है? रीयूज कंटेंट क्या है? हम इसे कैसे हटाते हैं

The hopes of many YouTubers stays  unfulfilled because they are unable to earn money from YouTube.The main reason is that reuse comes in their channel.Therefore, today we will know what is reuse content? How can we remove reuse content? Reuse content

What is Reuse content?

  • Once we complete 1k(1000) subscribers and 4k(4000) hours of watch time on our YouTube channel, We get the options to monetize the channel.When we go to apply for monetization of the channel,then we face reuse issue. YouTube official rejects the channel by sending an email of Reuse Content. Now we have to know why this occurrs—
  • The term reuse content means to use any content again.When you upload your YouTube video and use such content like photo, video, music etc,then sometime some people download the video from YouTube and upload it back.Due to this and  it comes as reuse Content.
  •  If you use any photo, video or music 100 percent without any change then it’s called reused content which is Reuse by you.

How can we remove reuse content issue?

  • If you create videos with own voice and face, then your video content will never have reused content, but if you create voiceover videos and use videos, music from some other website or channel, then that is fault.
  • The rule of YouTube is that about 60(Sixty )percent of your video should be own. If you use videos, music or photos from any sources on your channel, then you must need to pay special attention that the video or photo is copyright free.For this purpose you can use many websites.
  • In this way ,you can find out the videos on your channel where you have made this mistake.After that you need to remove those videos.

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