Top Most Youtuber in Bangladesh

Top Most Youtuber in Bangladesh||Top 10 Youtuber in Bangladesh

Bangladesh, a country with a rapidly growing internet user base, has seen an emergence of talented individuals who have risen to fame through their fascinating YouTube channels. In this article, we have shared Top Most Youtuber in Bangladesh.

Top 10 YouTubers in Bangladesh

  1. Farjana Yasmin
  2. Tonni
  3. Mufti Farid Ahmed
  4. Rupai
  5. Tawhid Afridi
  6. Mukta Arts
  7. Rejaur Rahman Resvy
  8. Protty Heron
  9. Shahin
  10. Arthik Sazib

Farjana Yasmin(Channel:Farjana Drawing Academy)

Bangladesh youtuber

Farjana Drawing Academy is a YouTube channel with over 12.50 million subscribers. The channel is run by F. Akhter, a Bangladeshi artist who shares drawing and painting tutorials for beginners. Farjana’s videos cover a wide range of topics, including pencil sketches, watercolor paintings and even how to draw manga characters. Her videos are clear, short and easy to follow, making them a great assets for anyone who wants to learn how to draw.

Farjana Akter is a passionate and talented artist who loves to share her love of drawing with others. Farjana is always coming up with new and creative ideas, productives .


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