Top 10 Indian Best All Rounders In The History Of Indian Cricket

Top 10 Best Indian All Rounders In The History Of Indian Cricket

There are many all rounders in the History of Indian cricket.But today we will about top 10 Indian Best All Rounders In The History Of Indian .

Top 10 all rounders
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Here we present our ranking for the top 10 best Indian all rounder of all time.

Top 10 Indian All Rounders List

No 1 All rounders Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev top all rounders
Kapil Dev -Indian Cricket

In India cricket No second thoughts without him . Kapil Dev stand  top of this list. India never came close to producing an all-rounder of Kapil Dev’s caliber. He bowls unbelievably long spells which modern-day bowlers could never think of yet and  never missed a match due to fitness issues. The former skipper is India’s third-leading wicket-taker in Tests. But out of everything else, the moment which created the halo around him was the 1983 World Cup victory. Kapil Dev had taken amazing catch to dismiss Viv Richards in the final of the World Cup is arguably where the mighty West Indies lost their grip. As a bowler, as a batsman, as a fielder, and as a captain, he proved everything. Kapil Dev would be that one player India, or even cricket could never replicate.

Best all rounder in India: Ravichandran Ashwin

IPL is not only a platform but aslo T20, test cricket,ODI all the way Ashwin created history as all rounders. Stepped on to limelight as the major CSK spinner and gradually became MS Dhoni’s trusted servant in the national team, Ashwin’s career is a rollercoaster. In the Indian team, he replaced Harbhajan Singh and broke Test records one by one. Known as a street-smart cricketer, Ashwin developed various variations to bamboozle the batsmen in all formats. Do you know he was another one of those players who lost his place in the ODI and T20 team due to the overflow spinners in India?.No one was able to match his test dominance. With sensible knocks and cheeky ramp shots, Ashwin is still one of the best all-rounders for India.

Best all rounder in India: Ravindra Jadeja

Top 10 Indian Best all rounders

He is the best all rounders after Kapil Dev who simply revolutionized the fielding sector. Sir Garry Sobers was highly praised for his exceptional fielding. Well, Sir Ravindra Jadeja is just as good. Played as the vice-captain of Virat Kohli in the Under-19 World Cup, Rabindra Jadeja struggled a lot to secure his spot at the Indian team. It is a fact that Jadeja is still improving as a limited over all-rounder.His combination with Ravichandran Ashwin is nothing but fatal. Now, Jadeja is a match-winner with the bat, ball, and on the field.

Irfan Pathan another best all rounders 

Top 10 Indian Best all
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Irfan Pathan, A brilliant left-arm bowling all-rounder who could swing the ball both ways came into the Indian side and made an immediate impact. Irfan Pathan became the first Indian bowler to take a test-hattrick in the first three balls of a test match. Discovering his ability to hit quick boundaries late in the innings, he was an obvious choice to play India’s victorious 2007 T20 World Cup and even awarded the Man of the Match award in the final. Irfan was bought by Kings XI Punjab in the first IPL season due to a mountain of expectations was on him.

Indian Best all rounders Hardik Pandiya

India best all rounders

He is one of the best all-rounders in world cricket right now. Hardik Pandya had  arrived in the 2015 IPL season without having any first-class experience. Mumbai Indians   introduction of surprise players presented the skinny T20 specialist who can bowl medium pace and has explosive power behind his bat. Hardik Pandya gained attention in his first-ever IPL season earning him a place in the 2016 T20 World Cup Squad. He is now available for Gujarat Gaints as Captain and Gujarat won their first IPl season at beginning year under Hardik Pandiya’s Captaincy.  Hardik Pandya did prove his worth in the Indian jersey by the lone-warrior innings played at the 2017 Champions Trophy final against Pakistan. As of now, Hardik Pandya stays at 8th position in our list but he surely has the potential to rise up to the top.

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