Online SBI Cheque book request through Yono Application

A new cheque book request through Yono

The SBI YONO app is an exclusive digital platform designed for SBI users to operate banking services through mobile devices. The mobile app allows customers to access SBI services without visiting the bank branch. One can send and receive money, request for cheque book, pay credit cards bills, check bank statements, bank balance, and more.


SBI YONO is available on IOS and Android devices. State Bank of India customers can request the cheque book through the YONO app in the following steps.


1.Open the SBI YONO app on your mobile phone.

2.Select the menu tab on the screen to proceed.

3.Next click “service request” > click on cheque> Request cheque book option.

4.Now choose the account you wish to get the cheque book and the number of leaves.

5.Proceed and mark on the charge’s terms and conditions.

6.Select the registered address or enter the address you wish to receive the cheque book.

7.Recheck the details and click submit button.

YONO mobile application offer the users chance to select the physical address. The user can choose a registered address, new address, or last address. The bank will send the cheque book to the selected address. Ensure to provide the correct address for easy tracing. However, you can opt to pick the cheque book for the SBI bank branch.


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