Legends of Cricket world

Legends of Cricket world an all time



Cricket is the most beloved sport of India. Indian fans absolutely enjoy Cricket. It is a sport the brings people together.

Over the years,the world has seen amazing cricketer being produced .But some cricketers leave a huge mark on the world cricket

People may come, People may go but some remain as LEGENDS forever and for a reason.

A list of legends cricketers


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The greatest batsman that the world has ever seen, his batting average in tests (99.94) is something that can never be broken. Though he was highly criticized for giving more importance to his individual records and not being a team man.Bradman always stood out from the rest. What a gift Dradman has been to the sport!


The “Master Blaster” is regarded as one of the bests of all time and the “God of Indian Cricket” by the Cricket fans. Watching him bat has always been a delight and Sigh, 34000 runs; What a massive achievement!

He is a century of centuries . Almost impossible to break his record


Brian Lara is the Greatest First Class Cricketer ever and one of the finest Batsmen period.

Brian Lara, in full Brian Charles Lara, (born May 2, 1969, Cantaro, Trinidad), West Indian cricketer, one of the sport’s most renowned contemporary players. The compact left-handed batsman is the record holder for most runs scored in an innings in both Test (international) and first-class cricket.


He was Australia’s best captain and the-then Run-machine who has 27 Test centuries to his name.  Australia’s highest honour of the “Player of the Year” was renamed after him as the “Allan Border Medal”.

5.Sir Vivian Richards

West Indies great Viv is one of the greatest ODI players of all time. His highly praised batting style earned him the title “Swagger”. Nobody would ever dare to sledge Viv back then as he used to answer them with his bat.

6.Sir Ian Botham

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A man of Controversies, Sir Ian Botham was England’s finest all-rounder. He has scored 14 centuries and captured 383 wickets. He was ordained with knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II in 2007 for his Charity works. Botham also used to play in the Football league back then.

7.Kapil Dev:


India’s first World cup winning captain, he is the pride of every Indian. One of the nicest guys you will ever see, He is the only player to have scored more than 5000 runs and taken more than 400 wickets in tests making him one of the best all-rounders ever.

8.Sanath Jayasuriya(Sri Lanka):

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As fearless as a lion and one of the greatest openers ever, his aggressive batting style has often proved to be a nightmare for the opponents. He has scored 30 runs per over twice in One day Internationals and has maintained mammoth partnerships with his teammates.

9.Jacques Kallis(South Africa)


Jacques Kallis is definitely South Africa’s Superman. Kallis is the only player in the history of cricket to have scored more than 10,000 runs and taken more than 200 wickets in Test cricket. He has always stunned the world with his exceptional batting techniques.

10.Shane Warne

In a highly controversial career what one might call it to be, his records still shine as bright as a star. Such Calibre, such Beauty, such an amazing Bowler that this world has ever seen. Shane Warne is a man of unique records which says that he is the only player to have crossed 3200 runs in test cricket without hitting a century.


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