Ghosh game Charle Charle

Charle the ghost game

Charlie, Charlie, are you there?” This is a one kind teen game .Teens everywhere are stacking pencils, calling to a demon named Charlie, and entrusting their fates to the predictive powers of leftover loose-leaf paper and graphite. Charle Charle the ghost game where Teen becomes confuse.


To find the answers, I consulted experts on the psychology of superstition  What they revealed will not frighten you and shake you to the very core, but it will help you understand the origins and appeal of this newly popular game.

Charle Charle ghost game

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What is Charlie Charlie?

Charlie Charlie is a new teenage craze game  that’s somewhere between a Ouija board and cootie catcher. It’s gone viral with the hashtag-friendly name #CharlieCharlieChallenge.


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