Best OTT Platforms in India

Best OTT Platforms in India||Top 10 OTT Platforms in India

We have compiled a list of best OTT platforms in India that are suitable for watching TV series, films, and shows, 365 days. Review our list and choose the best option suited to your needs.

In the main time the mobile network companies started giving unlimited data to the customers, the number of users on smartphones has increased. There are more than 50 providers of OTT platforms in India, which offer original media contents over the internet. Let’s check out some of the popular OTT Platforms.


We all have heard about Netflix. The world’s most popular streaming platform, Netflix, is based in America and has unlimited watch content.While it has over 230.70 million subscribers across the globe, India alone contributes to over 10 million subscribers. The platform has fantastic movies and series to watch, ranging from kids to adults across the genre. The pricing for Netflix in India has also been recently slashed and now you can’t get one just by paying INR 199 per month.

Amazon Prime:

Amazon Prime, owned by Amazon Inc., also has its own live streaming platform. It is equally famous globally because of the delivery-associated benefits it provides besides streaming activities. Amazon has nominal prices; their monthly package costs around INR 199 only. They have over 4 million subscribers in India itself! They have both prime original movies and series, besides some world-famous movies.

Best OTT platform


Zee Network has its own OTT platform named, Zee5.Zee Network is India based. They have some amazing content in Hindi and have a loyal customer base for their movies and series. They have over 50+ million subscribers in India and are perfect for several household regular watching purposes. Moreover, zee5 annually costs only about INR 1499  with premium quality and making it among the most affordable choice.

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