Artificial intelligence growing up in India

Artificial intelligence growing up in India||Future of Artificial intelligence in India

Requirement for intelligent systems to improve efficiency and productivity in sectors as diverse as information technology(IT)consumer electronics(CE), banking, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation is fueling the growth of the global AI market.In this blog we have discussed how artificial intelligence growing up in India.


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Our relationships with the world may change in  consideration of  the advances in artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly ordinary in India due to the rapid growth of new technologies, allowing machines to be programmed to act autonomously in specific contexts.

Artificial intelligence is leading a dramatic shift in the world of technology where it can be applied for more productivity and success in order to simplify the technology system.

The second largest population in the world, India has a big stake in the AI revolution. The country’s leading technology sector such as IITs, NITs, and IITs have the capacity to become cradles of AI researchers and start-ups. Indian start-ups are growing and developing Artificial intelligence(AI)solutions in education, health, financial services, and other fields to solve social problems.

Artificial intelligence’s main prospects in India is given below:

  • Artificial intelligence assistants to be used by several highly advanced organizations to communicate with customers, saving the need for people resources.
  • Together with other revolution, organizations can use Artificial intelligence to make machines take decisions faster than an individual and perform actions faster.
  • In almost every area, sector and department AI powers several inventions that will help humans overcome the majority of complex issues and problems.
  • Trade and development agreement to handle together to leverage the power of cutting-edge technology to improve and expand trade, such as AI and Blockchain.

In addition, companies like Google and  Microsoft are trying to meet the government’s cloud computing and machine learning needs. As the Indian government send for digital transformation and introduces more AI initiatives, private companies will hurry to win big contracts, add to the funding stream to create innovative technologies, and set up new AI and data scientific startups.

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